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Are you looking for a technology savvy Auckland Electrician who’s at the forefront of change and will create a tailored automates system based on what you want? Are you looking for an expert who will share ideas, keep you in the loop at every stage, and deliver a technology solution for your home or business that is complete and working as it should?

Want a registered electrician who is punctual, returns your calls, cleans up after themselves and carries out smart, safe electrical work? Then call Amplified Electrics on 021 709883.

Amplified Electrics can customise a complete home automation, lighting, security and AV solution to match your plans, business, budget and requirements.

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Talk To A Technology Expert Before Powering Ahead

Many people new to smart homes and home automation systems don’t take the time to fully consider their options. Sadly, they only realise this when something goes wrong. Don’t let this happen to you. To avoid future disappointment, the wiring design for your home should be developed in conjunction with an electrician; one who is forward-thinking enough to introduce you to a variety of products and ideas and include all the cables required. Homes of the future will very much depend on cables, and lots of them, for systems such as networking, security, TV signal distribution, home entertainment, lighting control and automation systems. Wireless technology will have difficulty keeping up with the audio-visual needs of a modern home once content is being streamed or downloaded simultaneously into various devices in rooms all over the house. The key to future-proofing your home is in the pre-wire. Having enough of the right cables running to key locations throughout your home to allow for a variety of systems. If you’re doing renovations or building extensions, talk to Amplified Electrics about putting spare cable conduits in the walls. You might not use them now, but you’ll be thankful to this electrical team in the future if you do.





Electricians For The Future

With technology developing ever faster, it’s important that any electrician working your home or business has the technical knowledge to anticipate your future electrical needs. Technology and innovation are more than Darren’s profession, they’re his hobby. He loves being at the forefront of evolving technologies, keeping up to date with their constant changes. Discover how this can benefit you. Integrating automation management, audio-visual systems, gate and door control, alarms, data cabling, remote monitoring, IP cameras, CCTV and wireless access points are areas in which he excels. His custom design service means you’ll get products and systems that really do meet your needs. Your home or business will have an electrical system that combines quality, innovation and practicality, and will stand up to the test of time.

AV, Security and Integrated Technology Specialists

The highly charged registered master electricians are passionate about technology and audio-visual solutions. Darren Gibson’s degree in engineering technology means he has the practical and analytical skills to resolve electrical engineering problems, configure electric and digital circuitry, work on software logic and design and computer configuration. He is also a qualified electrical inspector. Combine those qualifications with ten years’ experience as an Auckland electrician working on high-end domestic properties and commercial installs you have an expert who can handle any electrical problem put his way: from design and installation to repairs and maintenance, the problem’s solved.





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